Happy New Year! Now What?

So here we are, already in a new year. 2011 proved to be a pretty big year for me, both in terms of my hobby and real life. Between my new daughter (and how cute is she, by the way), an exciting new job and travel to both Adepticon and Gencon I don’t think I’ve been as busy for years. In terms of hobby, I’ve spent a lot of money, met a lot of people and even played a few games. Now it’s time to move onto 2012 which promises to be a big year for my hobby and the blog.

After my trip to Colorado to spend the holidays with family, I have come back re-energized and ready to get back to the painting table. Hanging out with all my old friends really gets me excited to work on Necromunda again and now all I have to decide is what I am going to focus on in the coming months. I thought a good way to start then, would be for me to go over all my projects and get an idea of where I am with everything and where I would like to go with the new year.

I started last year on a break with Necromunda and I haven’t really had a chance to look back for the last several months. Being back in my old gaming store, where all my old terrain found a new home, I was heavily inspired to get back to the Underhive. While this may not take shape on my painting table per se, the blog is really going to find more focus on Necromunda, including everything from new rules to ideas for mini-campaigns and updates on gangs I created before the blog existed. I have a lot of models and massive amount of terrain I am eager to show off.

Space Hulk
Oh, Space Hulk. This project became a lot more complex than I’d originally expected and has essentially slowed to a crawl. What started as a simple set of Marines and Genestealers really turned into a labor of love and now, when I show the models to others, I hear they are some of the best I’ve done. Even as I’ve been painting the terminators I’ve been learning new techniques. It seems strange but I’ve only begun working with washes since Malifaux, which means I have a host of new tricks I can use when I come back to the darkened corridors of the Desolation of Hope.

Malifaux has taken a great deal of my attention this year. I jumped into the game with both feet and ended up in over my head with about 5 different crews of varying size. The first of these, the Viktoria’s, maintain a constant position on my painting table and I’ve been having a blast experimenting with a flavor of model that is very different from anything GW. Malifaux has also given me my first real opportunity at gaming this year and I’ve been to several local stores to play. With the new year my hope is to have one or two crews painted and ready to play and I am well on my way to this goal.

Puppet Wars
The new guy in the room has been Puppet Wars and this great little game has taken up the majority of my hobby time this year. From playtesting early this year, to the release at Gencon (and my first tournament in years and years), I’ve been reveling in all things Puppet Wars. While I have made the same mistake with PWars as I have with other projects (my puppet collection growing to more than 80). I hope to get all of these guys painted in the first half of this year as I am eager to get the word out there and start hosting more demo games. More than anything, I have been looking forward to Adepticon 2012, where I will see my first, fully painted Puppet War forces.

So there we have it. Plenty of work to do in the new year and no excuses for not posting here regularly, right? RIGHT?

More to come.



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