Some Malifaux Re-Paints

A couple months ago, I took the time to re-paint a few models from my Seamus crew I was not happy with. While I try to commit this artistic sin as infrequently as I can, there are times when it is necessary. As I play Malifaux more and more, these re-paints address things that bug me every time I take a model out of the case to play.

In this case, the models I were Madam Sybelle and her Rotten Belles. This was partially because Sybelle, unlike her commonly fielded upgrade, was getting pretty banged up after multiple breaks from her base, bent riding crops and
New Sybelle
so on. My decision to do her again was made easier when I received a free Sybelle blister as a participation award in one of our local game days. For the Belles part, I had never really been fond of the paint job for my green belle, feeling like I cut corners and half-
assed her. Gencon 2014 saw fit to grant me an extra blister of the original metals for free, so this was an easy decision as well. When looking at the pictures side by side, I am glad I took the time to go back and do the job correctly. Each of these models looks better and I am pleased to find my painting skills have continued to develop.
Original Sybelle

For my new Sybelle, I kept the color scheme I liked from before, but paid more attention to the details in the palette and made the model much more natural looking. I also replaced the length of her riding crop with brass rod, which makes the ridiculously fragile part much more useful (and cool looking). By the way, this meant I had to remove the original rod, and pin the brass rod both into its handle in Sybelle’s hand, and into the Keeper at the end of the crop; an interesting challenge. I also had the chance to break out some of my new tools, including Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God (from now on, I’m just referring to this as Fresh Blood Effect because….I just can’t). After a quick touch up of Sybelle’s original base, the old model was ready to be retired and the new one was ready for the table.

The next re-paint was on my green Belle. As I mentioned, I was never really fond of her when I finished the model. This was partially because I based her facing the wrong direction, which made her difficult to balance with the parasol outstretched. Further, the whole model looked like a rush job to me and, after fielding it several times, I decided I just didn’t like it anymore.

Like all of the Belles, I replaced the rod of her parasol with a brass rod, this one thicker than that used for Sybelle’s crop. These were not easy conversions, but were well worth the effort, as they make the models far more resilient. As before, I kept the same general color scheme for the green Belle, but made a few modifications to make the paintjob more realistic and subtle. Again I broke out the Blood Effect to add some gore and fixed her to her original base facing the right direction. Overall, I think the new green belle is also an improvement. I didn’t achieve exactly the effect I was looking for on the torso of her dress, as I was going for a sheer top, but I think it works nonetheless.

The pink Belle was not a model I ever finished originally. Instead, she suffered damage to her loose arm during the installation of the brass rod. I had never found a fix I liked, so she sat unpainted until the replacement blister appeared. For the pink Belle, I went with a paler skin tone and tried to make a pink that looked suitably worn by a dead thing. The dress would still be bright and beautiful, but would be soiled and stained.

For anyone attempting this model, one thing I will note is that her arm attaches just over the elbow, a very flimsy joint to be holding so large a parasol. Adding the brass rod helped with stability, but I also had to pin the arm into place and use green stuff to sculpt the sleeve of her glove in order to reinforce the joint. I also positioned the arm to allow the rod to rest on her shoulder, which both helps secure the parasol and looked more natural.

Finally, while working on retouching the bases for the Belles, I made sure to include one for Molly, who had been without since I finished painting her months ago. Her base is in the same theme as the Belles who will frequently accompany her. However, I also added a beaten up and weathered newspaper. I was worried at first that this would be too obvious a choice, as Molly was once a reporter, but seeing the finished model, I am sure I made the right choice.

For now then, it's back to the painting table. I have several cool things to show you, so thank you for coming by and make sure you stop by again soon.

More to Come.



  1. Looking good, great work on Molly.

  2. My goodness, these minis do look fantastic. You definitely did justice to an already excellent set of sculptures. Well done on the paint job!

  3. Thanks everyone! And thanks for taking the time to look!


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