Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 16: Riftling Rogue

Recently, the Riftling Rogue joined the cast of characters and brought the SDE project one step closer to completion. In the last couple of weeks, I've even managed to play a game of SDE and it has been an immense pleasure to have all the models in play painted and looking great. As I finish the project, I will devote some time to capturing some really good pictures of the models, both on the table and using the Foldio. To wrap up the project, I will also have one showcase post, where all of the models can be seen together and in glorious color.

Meanwhile, the Riftling Rogue was a quick paint and turned out quite well. I've seen several versions of the painted rogue, and each of them took a different road as to the fleshtones used on the model. For me, I wanted to go with something that was distinctly non-human, but also not entirely out of the ballpark. In the end, I used a combination of Vallejo Model Colors Flat Flesh and Violet Red. This gave the rogue a distinctly purple hew, while still making her look like some kind of hybrid.
For the Rogue's clothes, I opted to go with a combination of Vallejo German Fieldgrey with a bit of Black to suggest black clothing rather than actually use black paint. I find painting black, particularly on a model like this can lose the detail. Instead, I went with nearly black.

The Rogue's hair is Vallejo Blue Violet and White, building all the way up to pure white. 

With a reasonable amount of time spent painting, the Rogue ended up being quite a good looking model and I am happy to have her on the board.

More to Come.



  1. It was awesome to have found your blog just as I was starting on my own Super Dungeon Explore project. Added you to my blog roll and am now a follower. ^_^

  2. Thanks for the comment, follow and add to the roll. I have returned the favor. Good luck on the SDE project! I have seldom found models I have as much fun painting!


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