Game Night: Initiate!

My wife Laura and I have decided to start gaming on a regular basis by scheduling a family game night. We've always played games and said to each other 'we should do this more often,' but, until now, we've never played regularly. The hope is to add to our list of things we enjoy doing together, while simultaneously building habits that will carry over to our daughter as she grows older.

Over the years, we have played a number of games. Chess and Scrabble have always been in the mix and I've slowly injected my own games into our rotation over the years. We have played a lot of Space Hulk and even tried Necromunda once or twice.

Recently, Super Dungeon Explore has taken the stage, which has been the inspiration to get it all painted. As I get more painted, the games get better and better.

Last week, we added Malifaux to the mix as well. For this game, we started slowly, with Margaritas and 4 models per crew. Laura took on Perdita, Francisco and two Death Marshals. I took Seamus, 2 Belles and Sybelle. We started very small, using only our standard cache of soulstones, no upgrades and simplified rules. Namely, we didn't add any positive or negative modifiers to flips and we ignored everything to do with Wp. I think this was a good start.

I really hope Laura sinks her teeth into Malifaux and really enjoys it. I know she will probably never be as into the hobby as I am, but it would be great to have it as a shared hobby. In my eye, Malifaux is the perfect game for her to get into, as the game can be played simply or more complexly, there is a wide variety of crews and styles to play and the community is incredibly diverse and filled with our demographic; a good place to make friends.

This week, our plan is to kick it up a notch by adding positive and negative modifiers, as well as throw in Wp rules. After that, I think we'll start looking at using larger crews, then actually building crews to use. Lastly, we'll look at other crews and start playing with upgrades. Slow and steady....

More to Come.



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