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Last week, I learned that one of my local stores, Books, Comics and Things, is holding a painting competition. In a move completely uncharacteristic of myself, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. One of the stipulations of the contest was that any model entered was to be purchased from the store and entered into the contest at the time of purchase. And so I took a look at the stock they had, quickly ruled out anything GW, and eventually landed on an Infinity model, a Haqqislamite Khawarij.
I've never participated much in Infinity, even though, according to my love of complex rules and Necromunda, it seems Infinity should have been my next logical step, rather than Malifaux. I would probably have picked up a Malifaux model instead, but I thought it might be nice to paint up something quite a bit different from anything I've been painting lately. I also didn't have time to order in a Malifaux model I wanted. 

With the deadline for the contest just a day or two away, I was able to complete the Khawarij and get him entered in the contest today. While I do not think he is the best model I have painted, I think he does show considerable improvement over comparable Necromunda models. I'll take this as a sign that I am continuing to move in the right direction, in terms of painting skill.

More to Come,



  1. Looks good, Nick. Definite improvement over your Necromunda pieces. Cleaner lines, more contrast. Good job. It's funny, I've been to Books, Comics, and Things. It's a cool store. I stopped in there a few years ago when I was visiting Ft. Wayne. Picked up a bunch of older GW blisters for real cheap if I remember correctly.

  2. Thanks Gary!

    You do in fact remember correctly. In fact, they still have several older blisters that are a pretty good deal, and when my brother came into town recently, we picked up a bunch of old tomb kings for his army.

    In terms of the painting, these model has me excited to get some more work with Necromunda again. I'm looking forward to seeing how all of the new techniques I've learned will translate to the old models.

    Thanks for taking the time!


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