February: A Neutral Month

This month, I have been getting tired of two things; the cold weather, and painting beige. Well, maybe tired isn't exactly the right word, but I've certainly been getting apathetic about it. As I looked over my workbench this morning, I realized that every model I am currently working on is very heavy on the neutrals. I've probably used more Bleached Bone this month than I have in a very very long time. 
The SDE project continues with the Angry Bear and Deeproot Druid. I decided to paint them side by side not because I have a love of beige fur, but because I wanted to make sure that the two models looked good together (which, as I type this, doesn't make as much sense as I thought, as they will never be in play at the same time). As a palette cleanser, I picked the first Puppet from my collection, which just happened to be the Zombie Chihuahua (also beige fur). And finally, my 'random' project of an Infinity Haqqislam Khawarji, which I am going to be entering into a local painting contest.....more on that later. 

The good news...well, it's news at least, I suppose, is that I am almost done with all of these models and will have some good posts coming in the next few days. In the meantime, however, it is back to beige, bone and khaki and beige and bone and khaki. I don't know...maybe it's not so bad...Oh and there's another 6 inches of snow coming this weekend...Meh.
More to Come.



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