Super Dungeon Explore Vol. 4: Kobold Flingers

Next up for Super Dungeon Explore are the Kobold Flingers. For one reason or another, they've ended up being more time consuming to paint than other Kobolds so far. This is probably due, in part, to the increasingly nice weather. We’ve settled in to a very nice early summer in Northeast Indiana, and much of my time has been spent enjoying it either with the family or with projects around the house.

When I went looking for samples of how other had approached painting the Flingers, I found that a lot of schemes out there leave them feeling a little dull or monochromatic. The Kobolds, an indeed, the monsters in the SDE starter box, are already pretty monochromatic, so I wanted to make them as colorful as I could while still sticking to the overall look of the rest of the kobolds, as well as the feel of them having scavenged what they have.

This means that the Flingers share a color scheme with the rest of the Kobolds. Their skin is based Beasty Brown and highlighted up into Parasite brown and then into Orange. I kept their wrappings and garb pretty simple khaki, though I did go into some other colors when it came to their bolas launchers and pouches. For them, I went with a much lighter, almost yellow beige, going for a canvas look. The plan was to make sure they stood out very well against the projectiles themselves, which they certainly do.

For the Flingers projectiles, I wanted to go for a look similar to
what you see with Skaven Poison Wind Globadiers. That is, I wanted them to look like marbles or, more specifically, like fireballs encased in glass.

I also took a bit of extra time to work on the Flingers’ eyes, as they are the first Kobolds I have painted that aren’t wearing helmets. The scheme was the same as before, with a little more attention paid to the yellow end of the spectrum, as I figured their eyes would be brighter than those of their old tougher Ironscale brethren.

I think these little guys turned out very well….especially their projectiles. As always, feel free to leave any comments and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

More to Come.



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