Distractions....and Malifaux V2 Open Beta

I have yet to sit at my painting table this week. While I am sure I will rectify this over the weekend, I haven’t actually missed the time not painting, as I have been busy with a couple other things.

The first of those was Bioshock Infinite. It isn’t often that I come across a game, particularly a first-person shooter, that is able to keep my interest with the story alone. I think back about all the shooters I have played and, even though I may have started playing them for the story, in the end, it is usually more like “I need to finish this game, already.” Infinite, on the other hand, even more so than its predecessor, had me playing well into the morning out of a strong desire to see what happens next. Not that Infinite isn't a great game for reasons other than the story. It is a great game overall. It's just not often that the story in video games is as well executed.

This is a particularly surprising achievement, given the fact that a lot of the game is completely ridiculous and way out there. It is easily the most satisfying game I’ve enjoyed since Red Dead Redemption a few years ago.

And here comes my stylish way of transitioning a video game discussion into a Malifaux discussion….

By the way, I also think one of the reasons I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite as much as I did was that it is aesthetically very similar to Malifaux. The world of Bioshock feels very much like a similar study of mixing genres and ideas. There are times playing the game where you could really envision that, if there were ever to be a Malifaux game, particularly one that showcased an open struggle between the Guild and the M&SU,  this is what it would look like. The English major in me is buzzing with thoughts of a comparative analysis of the two worlds, but let it suffice to say that whereas Malifaux is a study in  Fate and mankind’s struggle to control it, Bioshock seems to be a study in realization that Fate can never be conquered by man.

So, Malifaux….the second thing that has kept me from the painting table this week.

The set up for my first viewing of an M2E game
As I've expressed before, I've gone back and forth on my feelings about the new version of Malifaux. The Necromunda player in me is not used to the idea of new models replacing old ones and new rules....well, it's been a while anyway.

There is a lot of Malifaux played in my town. There are usually between 3 and 4 evenings that I can reliably set up a game with the local Malifaux group and, although this has dwindled a bit recently, I think the beta is renewing excitement in all of us. One of the local stores, Top Shelf Games, is even hosting a weekly night to run beta games, culminating in a beta tournament at the end of the month. This is a great way to get together and talk about the game, either while playing or simply watching a game.

The first meeting has already come and gone and given me a chance to watch one game. I'm hoping to make it out to play a game or two every week and so the blog will be a place for me to analyze the games I get in and really think about my overall impression of what is next for Malifaux....and that means...

More to Come.



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