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While I have a growing collection of great new models that are ready to hit the paint table, I am still committed to finishing one project at a time, which means the Space Hulk Terminators are still taking up the bulk of my work. But with three down and a 4th and 5th almost ready to join them, I can realistically see myself finishing them sometime in the near future. Although it might not be by original goal of GenCon, I will certainly get them done. In the meantime, though, I have been continuing the epic struggle to empty my bitz box. This time, I'm working on my new Goliath gang.

I've been looking forward to modeling the Goliaths for quite some time. The original inspiration for this gang came from a Fanatic Magazine article on the new Ma and Pa Spyrers. That Goliath gang maintained the traditional color scheme of the game, as I will, but made the gang out of a mashup of Necromunda, Imperial Guard and Fantasy models. This is my take on these guys.
These are some of the first gangers to come out of the mix. The heads are all from Chaos Marauder Horsemen, some of which I used to convert the existing models, to help them fit more closely with the new conversions.
These are a pair of the original Goliaths, with the new heads. I've also set up a spare heavy to take a large and particularly dangerous looking Flamer. Flamers seem to have always been a popular choice for special weapons in our campaign, and for the Goliaths, they are absolutely essential. With the latest version of the House Weapons Lists, Goliaths lost access to lasguns in favor of the louder, more dramatic and far less efficient boltgun. With the higher strength of the bolters bringing up the rear, you can afford to have fewer heavy weapons in the back, and thus you have room for a flame thrower to help support all the close combat fighters you'll be bringing along.

The leader next to him I envisioned as a salty old dog, no longer fit enough to lead a gang on his own, but more than willing to pick up his pistols for a good fight. Along with the bolters, Goliaths can also have bolt pistols, and I loved the look of the oversized Ork Pistol in his hand.

I took a similar path with the other original Goliath Leader. He's a great looking model, but the weapon option doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The increased BS of a leader, combined with a Move or Fire weapon (that scatters) seems like a waste of his stats. Instead, I removed his sword and Grenade launcher in favor of another oversized boltgun and a nasty looking blade and chain.
Next up are my favorite guys to come out of the conversion. These three are all completely plastic models except for a gun here and there and yet they look so good next to the original Goliaths, and even better on their own.
This might be my favorite model of the whole group. Something about this pose just worked out so perfectly and this model is exactly the feel I want to convey with the Goliaths.
Another giant bolter and some hefty shoulder pads, give this guy a tank-like feel. Providing support from the back of the field, this ganger will be more than a match for anyone messing with the gang's Heavies.
This heavily armed brute is going to be a lot of fun in games. With any luck, his giant chainsaw will inflict as much fear as damage to opponents. In game terms, this will simply count as a massive bludgeon, but in special cases, I may have to make new rules for something like an eviscerator.
Here are a couple more gangers alongside the early stages of the Goliath Leader. Because Goliaths are among the only fighters with massive weapons on their house weapons list, I wanted to make sure and include one or two of them. The other ganger is a spare Pit Slave sculpt, but with a quick head swap he will fit in well with the others.

An finally there is the Goliath Leader.
GoliathLeader GoliathLeaderRear
This tyrant manages to dwarf the other Goliaths and with his combination of Chainsword and Sword, as well as a brace of stubguns, he will be a hand to hand monster. For normal games of Necromunda, he'll be brandishing two stubguns, though in some of my own special scenarios and in =I=munda, it'll be more like a brace of Sawn-off Shotguns.

That's about all there is for now!
More to follow!



  1. I know it's years later and you may never see this. These are great. I love them. I've been toying with the idea of using some of these kits as goliaths for awhile and getting to see it done before actually doing it is great!

    You're a conversion adept! I'd love to see what's been done (If anything) to these models!



  2. P.N.

    I actually have made some progress on these guys. I'm hoping to feature them on the blog shortly.

    Thanks for the comment!



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