Getting Stuck In

So I'm only up to my third post and already I feel a bit like I'm cheating a bit. So far, I have written and rewritten several articles that will eventually show up as part of the blog. But what I really want is for this to be a place to talk about the progress I have been making in the hobby, whether in painting, modeling or writing. From time to time, I will have a more polished article, but I also want to make sure, in the interest of posting regularly, that most entries are simply a catalog of what I've been working on and an incentive to get more done.

I'm totally new to this whole thing...hopefully I'll get better at it soon. In the meantime, I have been working on a few things.

Most of my time lately has been spent on my recent purchase, Space Hulk. While I fought the temptation to pick up a copy last fall, I saw one in my local store and finally decided to pick it up and, so far, I have not been disappointed. As it turns out, Space Hulk was the perfect purchase for me at the time, as I could feel myself being lured back into 40K, my first hardcore GW game. Space Hulk satisfies the desire I had to have something completely different that one gang after another to work on, while at the same time helping me develop my painting skills and try a lot of new techniques. As I have very little time and few contacts to actually game with, it ends up being a much better investment than an 40k army.

The Space Hulk project is also being blogged on DakkaDakka , but I'm sure I'll put some pics up here from time to time as I get that project done.

While those big red Marines have been the focus of my painting, I have been modeling some Necromunda characters. Having just recently finished the modeling on my Goliath gang, I have turned to weeding out my massive bit box and getting a few characters ready to hit the paint table.

The first of these is one that EVERY Necromunda collection should include, Ursarkar Creed.
You couldn't ask for a more convincing Crime Lord character, trader, Pit Boss (or really any other kind of character) than this guy.
I went over him once with the dremel to remove some of the more garish Imperial embellishments and while his paintjob will be less flashy than his usual, it will still exude his status and power in the Underhive. I'm really looking forward to painting him up.

Next is a basic thug that has been mercilessly lifted from an idea by Migsula on DakkaDakka. If you're not familiar with his work, you definitely should be. The link above is to his dakka gallery, but all of his threads are worth checking out. Migsula convinced me to get back into painting after my long absence and he serves as a constant inspiration.
This guy is your standard thug, good for a hired gun or to accompany any NPCs you may be running in your campaigns.

I've also been dipping into Fantasy for some new ideas and this is one of the results.
This old Wyrd is made from the Empire Wizard kit which is proving to be another must have for Necromunda. In fact, most of the Fantasy Empire range makes for great Necromunda models. Archers, Free Militia, State Troopers and, the best by far, Flagellants, are all fantastic kits and I'll prove it as this blog goes along.
I love that this old Wyrd is also blind. I can just imagine him in the middle of a fight, letting his Telepathic powers guide his aim. He'd better roll Zen Shootist!

Last up is another of my favorite models from the 40k range, Inquisitor Gideon Lorr. I am a total fan of this model but, for whatever reason, never picked up the model until I recently paid way too much for him on Ebay. Worse still, while living in Ontario for a year I learned that up there this model was just a regular blister release. Unfortunately, I never managed to pick one up.
So I got the model and he is receiving the normal Inquisitor--->Necromunda makeover (Imperial and inquisitorial icons being removed). He still needs a bit of work, but I'm looking forward to getting him painted as well. I don't really know what role he'll fill in the Underhive, aside from a leader for a mercenary force, or some other NPC. I'm sure that plasma gun will find something to do though.

Anyway, that's all for now. More to follow!



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