Learning to Airbrush

About this time last year, I was finally getting my airbrush up and running. All of the supplies had been gathered and I was beginning to experiment with using the Sotor I picked up to undercoat and varnish models. Up until now, that was the only thing I had used it for. Over the weekend, however, I decided to start learning how to paint, actually paint using the airbrush.

I've mentioned in past posts that the first models I was going to experiment with were the Super Dungeon Explore Dragon Kin. As these models are not very complex in terms of detail, I thought it would be a forgiving place to start. Specifically, I started with the Whelps. These chubby little guys are pretty straight forward, and I thought the large amounts of skin on them would respond well to even some novice airbrush blending. 

Here is my result so far. Overall, I think this is a good first attempt, though there is clearly a long way for me to go. I've only just begun to explore the extremely fine end of the Sotor 2020 and I'm still dialing in things like the consistency of my paint and the PSI of the compressor. More difficult for me will probably be getting used to holding the Sotor in my hand and getting a feel for exactly how to move the trigger and where to point the nozzle.
That said, I managed to get a basecoat and highlights on both of the Whelps. As of the writing, they have been glass varnished in preparation of a little shading work, but they will not be as shiny in the end. 

As for coloring, I decided the Whelps would be a darker red than I've seen a lot of others use. I wanted to be sure they stood apart as an entirely different creature from the Kobolds and look more like the plans I have in store for Startfire...Deep reds to contrast with their fiery environment. 

Well, back to work.

More to Come.



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