Resolutions Revisited

I think the second half of February is a perfectly acceptable time to completely overhaul my gaming resolutions. The good news is that, as I look back on it, the list was not particularly ambitious, so I'm actually challenging myself a little bit more.

Let's take a look at the list I made first:

  1. Finish painting my current Puppet Wars Collection
  2. Finishing painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux crew(s)
  3. Play an actual game, of anything, at least twice a month
  4. Attend at least one large event
  5. Build a Malifaux table and Terrain

Not bad. But I am going to adjust them a little bit, mostly to reflect the fact that I have been working on two brand new projects, A LOT. And also to be realistic about the time I have for gaming outside of the home. Oh yeah, and the new airbrush will help considerably.

Here is the new list:
  1. Finish painting my current Puppet Wars Collection
  2. Finish painting a tournament-worthy Malifaux Faction
  3. Finish painting my secret new project. More to come on that one.
  4. Base and Varnish any remaining painted Necromunda models
  5. Play a game of anything, outside the house, at least once as month
  6. Attend at least one large event
  7. Build a Malifaux Table and Terrain
  8. Focus on Improving the Quality of my Blog posts.
A little more ambitious, yes, but I still think it's realistic....well...maybe not the gaming once a month part...

Resolution number 8 there  is an addition I am making after the initial draft of this post. I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to work step up my game as far as posts go...both in written content and in the photos. The funny thing is, that after writing that post and spending a good amount on time on the Seamus article, I accompanied it with some pictures that were okay and some that were horrible.

The distinction I need to draw is between a pic I can quickly snap on the iPhone and the showcase photos I need to spend time taking for completed models. 

More to come.



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