The New Workspace

Like most people in this hobby, I've been modelling, painting and gaming for several years, but I've only occassionally had a permanent space to use. I've gone from one dining room table to another, to a fold out table in a small corner of a garage and back to a dining room table again. While it is nice to have everything you need to paint ready to move at a moment's notice, there is also something nice in having a permanent place to call my hobby table. Now it looks like I have one.

My new desk arrived last week.

my old desk
After converting my study into a nursery last year, I found myself without a space of my own, and although I had the opportunity to paint at the dining room table, this inevitably led to less time for hobbying. I can't count the number of times I've thought about painting, only to decide I didn't feel like setting up all the stuff, painting for a couple hours, and then tearing it all back down.

my new desk
While I purchased both the corner desk and the desk extension, my current study only allows enough room the the corner desk. Still, this desk is huge and gives me enough room to have my computer set up along with any hubby stuff I may need. This means I have a more permanent workspace with easy access to my computer (great for blog updates and listening to podcasts while I paint).

The desk is calling to me...'ready to paint?'
When I sat down for my inaugural paint session at the new desk, I also discovered that my new study happens to site in the quietest room in the house, and on on the ground level where it will be easy to cool in the long hot summer to come. I'm looking forward to spending more time here.

And as an added bonus, the desk also came with a huge amount of styrofoam in varying widths and shapes and, to my wife's chagrin, I have saved almost all of it for a terrain project I have been very much looking forward to...A forest for Malifaux.

Now, to get painting.

More to come.



  1. Congrats mate! feels good doesn't it!?

    When we decided to buy a house, a room to myself for my hobbies was a definate item on my list of important things to have.

  2. It does feel good indeed! Now that I've had a chance to break the desk in a little bit, I don't know how I was able to function without it. Thanks for your comment!


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