Show and Tell (The Slime Edition) or Stalling for Time

A Giant Slime from the depths of the Underhive
In my last post, I mentioned I had made the decision not to go to Adepticon this year. This decision was based on several factors. Mainly though, I decided to stay home and miss all the crazy shopping strictly because I haven't begun to work on anything I purchased at Adepticon last year. All the Forgeworld goodies I plan on using for Necro, all the Necro gangs, all the bits and all the little extras....haven't even started messing with them.

Add to that a healthy dose of Crazy-Job, Daughter with Ear-aches and my own 4 1/2 week cold-from-hell and it just didn't work out. But that's okay. I didn't have anything ready to play there anyway. That means, for my update, I'll be showing off some of the stuff I've been working on with the Necromunda: Badzones project. I'll feature some slimes from the Bestiary; simple to make, and great looking on the table.
Sludge Jelly: converted from a Tyrannid Spore
 mine...and love.

In the meantime, what little hobby time I have been giving myself has been spent looking over some of my stuff and cringing. Specifically, after getting several comments about my Goliath gang, I quickly became interested in painting them,  took them out, looked at them, and decided I needed to start over. I've mentioned before that I started these models during what was a waning interest in Necro and the lack of enthusiasm shows. Some barrels were drilled, others were not. Shoulder pads had no straps greenstuffed onto them and, overall, there was a general lack of care in putting these guys together. Add to that the hasty beginnings of a paint job and there was not much to be impressed about.
An Icroctic Slime. "Open up, Skull!"

...And that is why my desk smelled like Simple Green for weeks.

Shadow Slimes: More common and
aggressive than Icroctics
Now that we're back into Spring and the not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather is back in style, for at least a little while, I am working hard on getting as much built as I can, ready to spray everything before the summer settles in and I am left with strange primer behavior. 

The Puppet painting continues, but recently I've also been interested in getting back into playing more games, and that has meant putting more attention on getting something done that I can play with. More on that soon, I hope. As it turns out, there is a group of Malifaux players that meet up, get this, TWICE A WEEK! This may not seem like a big thing, I know, but around here, it's pretty huge. This town be the dominion of Magic...(puke).

Anyway, I'm off to see what that group looks like. More to come.



  1. Good that you are able to give more love to this project. Looking forward to updates and more on those cute slimes!

  2. If you're interested, I have found Super Clean to be a GREAT model stripper. It won't damage metals or plastics, and strips everything else from miniatures in record time. Just wear gloves if you try it, it's a car engine cleaner, so is caustic, though "environmentall friendly."

    Good news on the Malifaux group!!

  3. Sorry to hear about all the real life misfortunes, those viruses sound like something from the Underhive! Good luck on the Goliaths and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Bad Zones expansion to Necro!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I did try Super Clean and it did work very well. The Goliaths are clean and ready to go. And by "Go" I mean "be completely rebuilt".


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