Malifaux vs. Puppet Wars
I’ve let my old habits get the better of me this year and, like my Necromunda collection, I have quickly grown a large Malifaux collection out of nowhere. In addition to all the time and attention Puppet Wars has been taking, I’m still determined to get some Malifaux models done so I can get back into playing here and there, at least in time for the next group of conventions. As the large scale assembly comes to a close, the inventory is as follows:

-The Viktorias (large crew)
-Gremlins (How did I end up with almost 100 Soulstones worth of Gremlins?)
-Seamus (large crew)
-Lady Justice (small crew)
-Perdita (medium crew)
-Collette (medium crew)
-The Dreamer (well, Lord Chompy anyway)

Alongside Puppet Wars, which has been taking most of my attention, I’m continuing work on the Malifaux crews slowly but surely. Though I’ve been tempted to move around between various crews, its becoming clearer and clearer to me that if I don’t finish a crew before moving on to the next one, I may never get a single crew done. This would be bad as the goal is to have models ready, and to have done some playing, so I can participate in Adepticon come April.

As a result, I’ve stuck to working on my first crew, the Viktorias. I’ve already shown off my Ronin, but there has been some more progress to share. With this crew, I’ve been experimenting with using Non-metallic metals, which has translated into using it for Puppet War miniatures as well. While I think I got off to a good start with the Ronin, I’ve been struggling with it since.

First up is Gun Viktoria. I’ve gone back and forth with her several times now, but I think she’s finally at a stage where I’m (mostly) comfortable calling her finished. While I stuck to the traditional color scheme with her, I wanted to make a clear distinction between the two Viks. The goal with Gun Vik is to make her look decidedly human, with a rich skintone. Her twin is still on the painting table, but is much more neverborn looking, with paler skin and lighter colors all around.

Oh yeah. I thought she looked familiar.
Taelor is up next. I've continued to struggle with the Non-Metallic Metals on her, but I think I did reasonable job and I'm starting to see some improvement...mostly on the PuppetWars models, but progress nonetheless. I also ran into an interesting problem with Taelor. As I started looking over Malifaux models, I decided I wouldn't worry about painting eyes like I always have for my neromunda collection. Most of the models come out looking better without detailed eyes, but Taelor seems to be an exception and no matter what I tried, the there was something about her that I recognized.

Hmm.....So I went ahead and detailed her eyes and I think she turned out better for it.

You can see that, while I'm clearly still practicing, the streaking effect of the NNM is starting to take shape.

Finally, for now, ris the Convict Gunslinger and I am pretty pleased with this guy. At first I was not a fan of the sculpt, but this guy is really a case of the paint job making the model. With him, I went back to leaving eyes without extra detail and focused on skintone, really picking out the indiviual scars.
I am particularly happy with the pants. I've seen this done several ways and I was nervous about trying to freehand straight lines on tattered fabric, but the whole point is to improve, so I dove in and gave it a shot. I think the extra effort really makes this model pop. As I've done with the Puppets, I steered away from using straight black on the stripes and instead chose GW Charadon Granite. Once shaded, this color is a favorite of mine as you can really make is look like grimy faded black. As a final touch, I added a prison id tattooed on the back of his head with a micron pen.

Well, that's it for now. Work continues on the rest of the outcasts, including the remaining Vik, two Ronin, Hans, Johan and Bishop. I have a way to go, but I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the crew finished and (finally) basing everyone.
More to come.



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