Cleaning House and some Malifaux painting

This winter I've decided to get back on track, both with this blog and with the hobby in general. The last few months I have done almost no painting or modeling whatsoever, and in the last several months I've done little more than paint a few Space Hulk Terminators. (seriously…I started that project in April and I only have 5 of the Termies completed).

Recently, the little hobby time I've had has been going to assembling my Malifaux crews and getting some general organizing done. I've decided it will be okay for me to set aside the Space Hulk project for the time being. The reality is that I don't paint often enough for the 'work on one thing at a time' idea to work. Until I can get back into a good rhythm, working on what I want to work on should be the focus.

My first step in the re-tooling process is to go through my bins and boxes and clean everything out, see what I have, what I need and what I can get rid of. There is a common misconception among core game players that those of us who indulge in skirmish games do so to save money by buying less stuff. While it's true that I may have fewer tanks and monsters than most 40k collectors, it turns out that what I do have is a horde of humans capable of outnumbering even the largest of Ork invasions.
During the cleaning process, I realized that I have 2 Games workshop figure cases filled to capacity, along with 14 Plano tackle boxes stuffed with figures in all stages of completion. Add to that 3 large bins of bits, terrain and basing supplies and at least 3 paper boxes for all the extra junk and I think I have a pretty formidable collection of gaming debris…..and to think it is all for Necromunda.

Now that most of the cleaning has been done, I finally got around to painting for an evening and I even managed to finish my first model in at least 3 or 4 months. I love this sculpt and I was very excited to get the painting started.

Whenever I take a break from painting for any considerable amount of time, I am always impressed to find that I've improved in technique and I am very proud of the job on this model.

The other thing I tried on this Ronin, which I'm going to work on with the rest of my Viktoria crew, is using non-metallic metal. I've never tried this before and always been a bit scared of the idea, but I think for a first effort, it turned out pretty well (particularly the gold on her sword and belt buckle). I still have some work to do on silver NMM, but we'll see how it goes.

Malifaux has really captured my attention over the last few months and I am very excited to get these minis painted and even some terrain built. My hope is to have a good collection of stuff to bring to Adepticon. While I'm not playing in the tournaments, I am excited to see the game played, meet some people who play and maybe get a pickup game in here and there. Maybe then I can convince some people and game stores around here to join me.

More to follow!



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