The Big Reboot

It never occurred to me when I started this blog that I was at the beginning of a long lull in my hobby work. Sure enough though, it's been months since I posted, and even longer since I've worked with Necromunda at all.

But now that winter is in full bloom and I have no more yard work to keep me away from the hobby table, I've made up my mind to turn on the space heaters, hunker down and get some serious hobbying done. And so, I'm rebooting the blog officially and, this time, I'm going to stay with it.

One of the problems I've run into with this blog is that I initially wanted to keep is centered on only Necromunda. I'll contradict myself in the future, I'm sure, but the reality is that Necromunda is such as niche game that it's difficult to find players who will go in for more than one or two games. The problem is that, in order to play actual games with actual people, I've had to broaden the number of games I play and hobby in, and thus, I lose time for Necromunda.

In the past, this has meant long delays between posts both on this blog and on the threads I've had on DakkaDakka. Instead of these delays, I've decided this blog should really follow what I am actually working on.

While that means the content will remain largely Necromunda centered, there will also be updates in my never-ending Space Hulk project, Mordheim, 40K (I'm looking at you, Spec Ops Killzone) and what has become my newest obsession, Malifaux. In fact, The Badzones will really be blog dedicated to Skirmish level wargames of many, if not all, sorts and I think this new focus will allow me to keep posting and keep up with the hobby progress.

So I guess that's it. The official reboot has begun. More to follow!


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